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Seriously, this summer better be better


Last year’s summer was an abject disaster, to borrow a phrase from basketball analyst Stephen A. Smith.

It rained all the time and the sun rarely made an appearance.

Will this year be better? I didn’t think it could get worse, but this late spring weather we are having is scaring me.

Monday, May 18, the day I wrote this column, it was 29 degrees when I came into work at 8 a.m.

That’s right, 29 degrees Fahrenheit.

Not to mention, the wind has been horrendous, making it nearly impossible to drive in a straight line, let alone go outside and have fun.

Seriously, except for being the future of American energy, I don’t have much use for the wind. I play softball, the wind makes it harder and less fun. I play golf, the wind makes the game unpredictable and also makes it feel colder than it really is.

Want to go outside and hang out with your friends? A howling, hard wind makes it nearly impossible to hear anything they say.

I can’t stand the wind, especially when it is accompanied by rain.

And the rain needs to stay away this summer as it ruined a very pleasant day for me last year.

Let me explain.

There we were. Several friends and I went to Oasis Lake for a fun day at the beach. We were about halfway through a volleyball game, when the clouds rolled in. A light sprinkle started. We kept playing.

After a few minutes, though, it was clear that our game was over as lightning began to stretch across the sky and the rain went from sprinkle to downpour.

In a panic, my friends and I went to gather up our belongings and get to the dry car. We weren’t even angry that we paid for a very short day at the beach, it was all about survival at this point.

Everything we had was tossed into a large container that was being used to hold ice and beverages. After everything was in there, it was a mad dash to the car.

From that point, we were safe. We made our way back to headquarters and began to see what we salvaged.

Something was missing.

My cell phone. And when I found it, I wasn’t happy.

It was at the bottom of the ice bucket.

I thought about calling tech support … well, not really. That was a lie. Actually, I didn’t think about calling tech support, what would they tell me?

Operator: “Yes sir, if you read the manual, page 51-C, you’ll see where it plainly says ‘Do not throw your phone in freezing cold water to protect it from rain.’”

I‘m sure I’m not the only one reminiscing about last summer in anticipation for this one. But it’s hard to be happy looking back at last year’s “warm” and “dry” season.

So this year, when we get good weather, days where the wind isn’t blowing shingles off your roof or garbage into your yard (people in Standish can back me up here), make sure you get out and enjoy the nice days, because last summer taught us that just because the calendar says it’s time for warm, sunny weather, reality doesn’t always follow suit.


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