February 11, 2016

Seven out of eight schools in county meet AYP

Schools graded academically


ARENAC COUNTY — Every school in Arenac County besides the Standish-Sterling Central High School met the Michigan Department of Education’s standards for adequate yearly progress (AYP).

According to the MDE, to meet AYP, “A school must test 95-percent of its students in total and in each required subgroup” and “attain the target achievement goal in English language arts and mathematics or reduce the percentage of students in the non-proficient category of achievement by 10-percent.”

Thursday, schools also received accreditation grades. Grades are determined, according to the MDE, as a compilation of Michigan Education Assessment Program (MEAP) and Michigan Merit Exam (MME) tests, as well as other school-specific factors.


Arenac Eastern Elementary: B

Arenac Eastern Middle/High School: C

AuGres-Sims Elementary: A

AuGres-Sims Middle/High School: B

Standish Elementary: A

Sterling Elementary: A

Standish-Sterling Middle School: B

Standish-Sterling Central High School: C

In the state as a whole, 86-percent of public schools met AYP.

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