February 11, 2016

Sheriff receives new phone number

By John Fischer
Staff Writer
ARENAC COUNTY — After nearly a month of reprogramming, surveying and consulting with technicians, Sheriff Ron Bouldin has a new phone number complete with a fully functional automated menu. 846-3002 will now be the Sheriff’s phone number and callers will first be directed to a menu consisting of the following options: # (pound key) – dial by name, 1 – Jail, 2 – Sheriff, Under-sheriff and civil or records division, 3 – non-emergency complaint. Callers who aren’t sure which option to choose will be transferred to Alex Rosebrough’s (county maintenance) voicemail. According to Arenac County E-911 Director Steve Wuelfing, the Nortel system and phone number change were direly necessary for emergency situation purposes. “Anyone calling the Sheriff’s office would ring into Central Dispatch,” Wuelfing said. “Normally this isn’t a problem, but in certain instances, it’s proved to be a real pain.” “During an emergency, the dispatcher (usually the only one on duty) is trying to direct emergency personnel and the phone’s are ringing to find out something about an inmate. It’s really unnecessary and frustrating to deal with in these instances.”

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