September 25, 2018

Some things are just absurd



I was listening to the radio on my way home the other night when I heard something absurd.

A preview for the new Transformers movie came on the air and at the end, the announcer stated that the movie was “not suitable for children under 13.”

Now that sentence did not bother me, but the fact that the movie is based on toys and cartoons made me irritated.

How do you make a movie about toys and cartoons that children are not able to watch? It’s a good thing I think the Transformer movies are a waste of my time anyway.

As I thought about this topic a little more I started to think about other things that would be absurd to see or hear. I thought that I would share my list with you. Here is my list of absurd things that I would find silly to see in 2011:

- Someone walking down the street with a boom-box from the 80s.

- A person at the animal shelter wearing a Michael Vick jersey.

- A child playing with a Light Bright. Anyone my age remember Light Bright?

- Vote Bush and Cheney 2004 bumper stickers… Wait, I still see those. I also see a lot of Kerry 04 ones.

- A person in a PETA shirt driving a truck with a bow hunter sticker on the back window.

- Mini motorcycles. Those were popular for three minutes in 2005, I think.

- Basketball players in short-shorts. I would like to note here that Isiah Thomas was not the greatest NBA player in the short-shorts era, that honor goes to Jerry West.

- Someone wearing a Red Wings championship hat from 97-98. It was over a decade ago, go update your gear. Obviously a person wearing a hat like that is not a real fan anyway; or maybe they are a super fan? I need to look into this issue more closely.

- Starter jackets. Everyone who lived in the 90s had a Starter jacket, but they were absurd.

- Adults who wear skateboard shoes or walk around with their hats on sideways. Seriously, we all know if you’re older than 23 that you’re not a skateboarder.

- Justin Verlander’s pitching. Let’s give the man some credit. The way he pitched in June was the definition of absurd.

Those are just a few of the things I have noticed over the past few months that I thought were a little on the strange side.

Sometimes we all see things that make us laugh or catch our attention. If it were not for the absurd things in life… we would all be normal.


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