Standish City Council passes curbside dumping ordinance


STANDISH — Standish City Council adopted an ordinance May 19 to make leaving waste on the curbside a civil infraction.

Residents of the city have been dumping waste on the side of the road, and any continued dumping is now illegal, City Manager Curtis Hillman said.

“It’d be in violation of the new ordinance passed tonight. If they put it out there they better come pick it up immediately,” Hillman said.

A local business mailed out fliers to residents advertising curbside pickup. However, they neglected to contact the city council on how to properly do so, and council member Raymond Koroleski is worried this will encourage people to leave their trash out just as before.

“Now we’re going to have people putting it out there, dumping it on the curbside, not in bags, not at three-foot lengths. The town is going to look trashy again,” Koroleski said.

Hillman also expressed concern on where the business would leave the collected yard waste. Should the business leave the gathered debris on the Department of Public Works dump site behind the garage on M-61, they would be in violation of the ordinance. Only citizens may leave waste on the dump site. Any commercial dumping is strictly prohibited.

“That’s for personal use, not for commercial use. People are hiring people to mow the lawn, and they need to find some other place to put it,” Hillman said.

The city council had been discussing the civil infraction ordinance for several months.

Among other items discussed, Standish City Council also moved to have a second reading of the annual appropriations in the June meeting.

The movement passed with no objections from anybody on the council and no public comment. Hillman said there wasn’t anything new from last year’s annual appropriations.

“It’s exactly the same as what we did the year before, no change,” Hillman said.

After the second reading the council will have the opportunity to adopt the annual appropriations.


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