Standish City Council to hold hearing on medical marijuana


STANDISH — The city of Standish will address the controversial issue of legal medical marijuana sales permits within the city limits at their next city council meeting Thursday, June 17.

The council will meet to discuss Standish city ordinance No. 246, which, if passed, would give the city the power to put a six-month moratorium on the issuance of permits for the sale or dispensation of medical marijuana within the city limits.

“All we’re going do is put in for an ordinance that would declare a moratorium that would halt medical marijuana dispensing for six months, so we can study it,” said Standish City Manager Mike Moran. “We want to study the pros and cons.”

Though many think medical marijuana is legal anywhere in the state, since voters legalized the drug just months ago, Standish City Mayor Mark Winslow said he was told that there is a choice.

“They left it very vague, and because of that there are very touchy areas. We can allow it and regulate it. We can disallow it. Or, we can allow it and not regulate it,” said the mayor about the rules of medical marijuana in the state of Michigan. “To be honest with you, I don’t harbor any fears that some people do. At this particular point, I am not pressing any panic buttons.”

With the council studying other ordinances from different areas around the state, Winslow said that some places don’t allow the sale of medical marijuana within 1,000 feet of community places like schools.

During a phone interview on Monday, Winslow said that those kind of considerations could be interesting in a city like Standish since it’s so small.

Though some may think that the city may see some resistance about the possible delay, Moran thinks that the hearing will go quite quickly.

“I think it will go quickly,” Moran said last week. “I haven’t had any indication about a group that doesn’t support it.”


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The pros to opening a medical marijuana store would be the boost to the economy in Arenac County. After all we all know how well it is working in California!

Statistics show more cardiologists would open offices because of the increase in heart disease. Long term research shows marijuana increases the triglycerides resulting in more clogged artieries. Most heart patients know triglycerides are worse than the bad cholestrol for clogging arteries.

This would mean more business for the hospital. Maybe the hospital would expand and start doing open heart surgery to repair all the damages artieries. Maybe the empty prison could be turned into a state of the art heart hospital.

More pharmacies would open to aid in filling the heart medications that will be needed for the increase in heart patients.

The funeral home would need to expand to take care of the marijuana users who didn't make it through their heart surgery or heart attack.

Real estate sales would increase because there would be more land needed for cemeteries.

More counselors would be needed to help these new patients deal with finding out their "so-called medical marijuana" which was suppose to cause no health proplems HAS caused them to have more health problems than they had before lighting up that roach.

More lawyers would be needed to sue the doctors who dole out the medical marijuana permits because the doctors will be sued for not accurately evaluating their patient before writing that permit.

The most important is the children. The juvenile court would need to be increased to handle the increased flow of juveniles with marijuana charges against them.

Yes what a boom to the economy of Arenac County.

If you want the truth, check out the statistics from California. Check out Dr. Jean Cadet's research from the National Institute of Health. The long term effects he studied, not the short term research that states marijuana does some good. Short term doesn't mean anything, it is the long term research that is important.

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