Standish City Police Chief departs for Gladwin


STANDISH — Standish City Police Chief Garrett Salter, hired as the city’s chief in April 2007, is relocating his services to the Gladwin County Sheriff’s Department.

Salter says he is taking the new position, which will pay him 30 cents less per hour in his first contract year, because it is closer to home and offers a greater chance for upward mobility.

However, Salter says he did enjoy his time in Standish.

“I built everlasting professional and personal relationships with all the local law enforcement agencies,” he said. “I did truly enjoy my time here in Standish and the challenges of creating a police department in the city.”

According to the outgoing chief, when he first arrived in Standish there was only one patrol car, a 2001 Chevrolet Impala. Now, he says the department possesses two cars, 2008 and 2009 Dodge Chargers, one which was paid for in whole by a grant. He also added the city department now utilizes state of the art radio technology.

In his absence, city manager Mike Moran will serve as an administrative chief of police.

“The (city’s) statute allows me to be chief of police. Obviously I’m not going to strap on a gun again,” Moran said, adding he was a military police chief who oversaw department operations of a 380 man unit in California and Guam. “To me, it’s an administrative role.”

When it comes to replacing Salter on the streets of Standish, Moran says the city will make an internal promotion.

“Mark Christian has been a part-time officer since 2008. … He’s going up to full-time as of today (May 11, 2009),” he said. “He was well-trained by the chief so we have high expectations.”


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