Standish Township adds lakeshore district, makes other zoning changes


STANDISH TOWNSHIP — Members of the Standish Township Planning Commission added a lakeshore district to their zoning ordinance, as well as made other changes to the draft during their April 5 meeting.

The group heard from residents of the area, who had the opportunity to read a draft of the ordinance and make suggestions and ask questions.

One proposed zoning change that did not make the cut was a plan to rezone Worth Road and make the first 500 feet on either side of the road a light commercial zone. This change would make it easier for businesses deemed “local service commercial” to move into the area if a resident were to sell his or her property.

This change was not made to the draft, and Worth Road will remain as is on the zoning map.

The committee also plans to change some of the areas on the zoning map. In an effort to smooth out some of the borders between different zones, a few areas were inadvertently changed from agricultural to forest and recreational. The committee will look at these areas and change them back to their original classifications.

Along with the previously mentioned changes, the committee also decided on several other changes and additions to the zoning ordinance draft:

1. The boundary for the lakeshore district will be slightly altered, and the boundaries will be included in written form in the minutes of the meeting.

2. Wind energy conversion units of any size are allowed as a special use in the lakeshore district.

3. The lakeshore district category was added under the sign ordinance section of the draft.

4. Accessory buildings were added as a permitted use in the lakeshore district.

5. Farm animals were prohibited in the lakeshore district.

6. Rental cottages were allowed as a special use in agricultural, forest and recreational, and residential districts.

7. The front setback in the lakeshore district was changed to 40 feet in order to be consistent with other districts.

8. The zoning ordinance draft was changed to include the previous ordinance date and a table of contents.

The changes still have to go to the county before they are approved.


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