Standish cheerleaders win state championship


STANDISH – The Standish All Star cheerleaders won first place for Division 2 in the state championship on Saturday, Jan. 23, in Grand Rapids.

The Standish team placed second during its regional competition and was up against 27 other teams in its division during the state competition, the team’s coach, Roxie Schram, said.

“To take first was unbelievable,” Schram said.

She said seven of her eight teams made it to the state competition this year. Everyone who participates gets a trophy, and the winners get ribbons on top of that, she said.

The Division 2 group consists of girls from ages 7-9 years old, and Schram said her team for that age group had eight members, which made them one of the smaller teams at the competition.

There are about 92 All Star coaches throughout Michigan who participate through the Young Champions organization, which puts on the state championship, Schram said.

Schram’s team is part of the Northern Region, which spans from Saginaw to Sault Ste. Marie, she said.

Schram said each team that she coaches gets one 45-minute practice every week to do dance, tumbling and cheer, and there are only 15 weeks to prepare for competition. The final performance consists of a two-minute dance routine and one-minute cheer routine, she said.

“They get right down to business,” Schram said.

Schram has been coaching for seven years, and she said this is the first time she’s had a group win the state championship.

“They were awestruck,” she said.

She said the state championship is the final step for the team because only ages 10 and above go on to the national level.

Schram said she is in the process of putting together routines for the next 15-week session that will start on Feb. 15. She said all of her teams are small, but she’s trying to build them back up.


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