Standish city to apply for tribe allocation



STANDISH — The Standish City Council voted to request around $40,000 in allocation money from the Saginaw-Chippewa Indian Tribe, when 2 percent class-3 gaming revenue is distributed this spring.

The board voted to apply for money to repair the roof at the Arenac County wastewater plant and the roof at the Department of Public Works building.

City Manager Mike Moran said replacing the roof at the DPW would cost around $30,000, while the roof at the wastewater plant would cost around $10,000.

“We really don’t have anything else that we have to reach out for,” he said.

Mayor Mark Winslow said that he does not want the city to request more than it needs.

“I don’t want anymore $200,000 requests,” he said. “That does not bode well with the (Tribe), and I don’t blame them.”

Moran said that to make a request for both grants, he would have to submit two applications.

“The applications show what the request is and what the money would be going toward,” he said.

The board discussed picking one project over the other, but ultimately decided that choosing to apply for both grants was the best option.

Moran said if he had to prioritize one project over the other he would choose the DPW building.

“The public works (roof) is in real bad shape,” he said. “Admittedly, I have not seen the roof at the wastewater plant personally.”

Moran said the city did not receive any grants from the Tribe last fall.

“We received money for the city library a year ago,” he said.

Applications for distribution from the Tribe are due at the end of March. Last fall, the Tribe allocated nearly $680,000 to local governments and schools in northern Bay and Arenac counties.

The Saginaw-Chippewa Indian Tribe has given out more than $200 million in Isabella and Arenac counties since 1994.


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How could a City Manager not see a roof at the City wastewater plant?

Tuesday, March 22, 2011 | Report this

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