Standish weighs city ORV ordinance


STANDISH — Four-wheelers and dirt bikes may be sharing city streets with automobiles if Standish City Council decides to adopt the county’s off-road vehicle (ORV) ordinance in the future.

Preliminary discussions on whether or not the ordinance would be beneficial for the city were held at the city council meeting on July 16, after council members introduced the possibility of passing the ordinance recently in regards to residents who use ORV’s to clear snow out of their driveways, and the driveways of others, during winter months.

City manager Mike Moran said that the shoulder designation for ORV travel on county roads in the Arenac County ORV ordinance could raise an issue in adopting the ordinance for Standish.

“We have no shoulders on our roadways in the city,” Moran said. “I personally feel that to change what we have now would be a hazard.”

City police chief Mark Christian said that if the city does adopt an ORV ordinance, it should be clear on just where in the city ORV’s would be allowed to travel.

“You can’t go on (US) 23 at all, or (M) 61 (under the county ordinance),” he said. “We don’t need people tooling all around town on a four-wheeler.”

Council member Doug Ireland said that if the city decides to further pursue the ordinance, it may restrict East Cedar Street, which goes through the heart of downtown Standish, from ORV’s as well.

Moran said at the meeting that a draft of a potential city ORV ordinance would be worked on and presented to council at a later date.


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