February 23, 2019

Steelworkers air out concerns to Commissioners

ARENAC COUNTY — Last Wednesday, Nov. 12, the Board of Commissioners set aside meeting time for members of the local Steelworkers’ Union to make public comments on the new contract being implemented by the county. No concessions were made by the Board and the union members were still upset at the end of the session, however Union Representative Mike Flora and Arenac County Labor Relations Manager Bill Borushko did meet on Nov. 18 to discuss the details of the contract and negotiate further. The implementation of the Board’s last offer began Nov. 10, although the Steelworkers had made it clear through voting that the unit was upset with what it calls a disparity in wages and the loss of paid out unused sick days. Kim Rosebrugh, Arenac County’s Chief Deputy Clerk, was the first member to speak up during the meeting. Rosebrugh said she has been working for the county for over 13 years, but isn’t seeing a $750 raise like much of her fellow employees who are not unionized. She even said an employee she trained is receiving a larger increase than she is, with Rosebrugh’s raise for this year equaling about $637, not counting longevity pay. “I want a valid reason why I’m not entitled to the same type of raise she is,” Rosebrugh said. “You have two people work in the same office, do the same work. … I mean am I dirt under your shoes?
To see more, please read the Nov. 19 issue of the Arenac Independent.


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