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Stud running back’s toe injury will hamper Heisman hopes

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Let’s get this straight; I’m not an Ohio State University fan whatsoever. But I love football at any level, so I feel compelled to speak my mind about Chris “Beanie” Wells’ toe injury that’ll without a doubt, or at least should without a doubt, keep him out of OSU’s second week game against Ohio.

Now this news isn’t devastating to the Buckeyes. With or without its leading rusher, the team will roll this week.

But it will hurt Beanie’s Heisman chances, since he has been named a front-runner during the lead up to the season.

In Ohio’s first game against Wyoming, it allowed 160 yards and a touchdown.

Beanie racked up 111 yards and a touchdown in less than a game (left early with an injury) in OSU’s opener with Youngstown State. This means he is going to miss out on an opportunity, I believe, to rack up over 150 yards, easily, and multiple touchdowns (I’d predict three for him if he were playing).

So instead of heading into week three with close to 300 yards and over three TD’s, Beanie will be heading into the third contest with just over a hundred yards and one lonely visit to the end zone.

To make matters worse, Beanie’s return is against Southern Cal, who returns nine starters on defense. Pile on the nagging pain that’ll still probably remain, and you’re looking at a tough return for the Heisman hopeful. Not to mention the games in USC’s Coliseum and Pete Carroll always has his boys ready for game time.

These three weeks, counting week one, could absolutely kill Beanie’s chances to be the Heisman winner this year, especially when you take into account the return of Florida star and defending Heisman winner Tim Tebow, Mizzou quarterback Chase Daniels’ potential to have a huge season, Georgia’s explosive running back Knowshawn Moreno’s chance to shine with everyone watching the Bulldogs and the certain emergence of some under-the-radar players.

The chance to win the brightest prize in NCAA Football may not completely escape Wells, since he is playing in the Big Ten, which is experiencing one of its weaker years in memory with the unpredictable, unknown, young, and to OSU, hated Michigan Wolverines looking like they will struggle to keep up with the Buckeyes, Wisconsin Badgers and Penn State Nittany Lions. But while OSU may avoid struggling against the Maize and Blue, they still have to play Wisconsin (ranked 11th), as well as the Fighting Illini of Illinois (ranked, but overrated) on the road.

Fortunately for Wells, OSU gets Penn State, Minnesota, Purdue and “We don’t have a chance” Troy at home, but they also have road games against Northwestern and the “never know what you’re going to get” MSU Spartans.

So when one looks at the overall picture for OSU’s star runner, it seems like he is going to lose the Heisman race, mostly because he will miss some legit chances to pad his stats. He missed some week one when he left hurt and he’ll miss them all week two if the Buckeyes think long term and make him sit. Plus, he’s going to struggle against USC whether or not he’s 100 percent.

Now I know it’s early and anything can happen and we don’t know the extent of Beanie’s injury, blah blah blah blah blah!

The fact of the matter is, without a chance to pad his stats and with some tough games on the road and since he’s not going to be 100 percent all season, Beanie Wells will not win the Heisman trophy.

I’m sure Michigan fans are heartbroken


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I agree, losing out on those first two games will completely put him out of the top 5 going into USC, and if USC shuts him down, he could completely lose all chances right then. But we'll see.

Friday, September 5, 2008 | Report this

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