Super Bowl was all you could hope for


Last Sunday we got to experience one of the biggest, most-watched events of the entire year.

No, I’m not talking about the Puppy Bowl (though I did watch that a couple of years ago, for about five minutes, and I have NO IDEA what the fuss is all about). The Super Bowl was this Sunday, and millions of people all over the world tuned in to ask the same question, simultaneously — who turned out the lights?

That’s right, it seems there was a small power snafu during the game, and the power to half of the arena just went out shortly after the start of the third quarter.

During that time, it seemed someone snuck out onto the field and replaced the entire San Francisco 49ers team with players who were actually good, because following the outage the game actually got somewhat interesting.

I was following Twitter pretty closely during the game, and one of the things that seemed to get the most attention throughout the night was Beyonce’s halftime performance.

I’m not particularly surprised, as it was somewhat refreshing to have someone somewhat current perform during halftime again — if by current you mean someone who hasn’t had a significant hit in two years.

Beyonce was criticized prior to the Super Bowl after admitting that she lip-synced her performance of “The Star Spangled Banner” during President Obama’s second inauguration, bringing speculation that she might do the same during the Super Bowl.

But she got massive praise from people on Twitter — at least those that I’m following — for singing it live. And it was obvious she did. It seemed as if there were points where she was attempting to make it blatantly obvious that her microphone was turned on and working.

I thought her performance was pretty entertaining. It was certainly better than the Black Eyed Peas a couple of years ago, Madonna last year, and every non-current washed up group that has been dragged out from hibernation since the Justin Timberlake/Janet Jackson fiasco.

However, I wasn’t overly impressed with her lack of lip-syncing. I say that because I think just about anyone could have done what she did. It seemed the majority of the lyrics she was singing were one word sung overtop of a pre-recorded track.

“Uh,” “yeah,” “Put your hands up, up.” Doesn’t really qualify as “singing” to me.

My favorite parts of the game Sunday were the multiple Jim Harbaugh outbursts every time his team did something stupid (which was pretty frequently, especially in the first half). Even when things were going well he looked as if there was a pretty good chance that if someone got too close to him on the sidelines, he would spontaneously rip their leg off and beat them with it.

In the end it was everything you hope for from a decent Super Bowl. There were some funny commercials, it was possible to stay awake during the halftime show, and the end of the game was actually close and exciting.

Not to mention the power outage. At least we know that wasn’t caused by the equipment playing Beyonce’s pre-recorded lyrics.


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