February 12, 2016

Teen Summit 2010 reaches 387 students

Lisa Saunders
Jim Tuman talks to students in the AuGres-Sims Middle School gym as part of the Teen Summit.
Lisa Saunders
Brandi Willett (left) and Austin Johnson, both 11th-graders at AuGres-Sims, take part in a small group session on relationships, led by Lynette Delgado (right)
Lisa Saunders
Buck Machulis instructs a physical activity class during a small group session at the Teen Summit.
Lisa Saunders
Chelsea Allen (left), a ninth-grader at AuGres-Sims, tries to walk a straight line while wearing drinking goggles that simulate impaired vision and balance that comes from drinking. Connie Qualls (right) led the class.

Teen Summit 2010, an event put on for AuGres-Sims and Arenac Eastern middle and high school students, presented information on physical and mental health through small group sessions and guest speakers. Students also went to sessions on "natural highs," like candy making, science experiments and cooking.

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