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Thank veterans for their service


For many of us, Memorial Day marks the start of summer. It brings visions of backyard barbeques, kids kicking up dirt on the baseball field and people lining the streets for parades.

But while it’s fair to think about the holiday in terms of what the summer will bring, the reason we celebrate Memorial Day often gets lost in the fun and excitement.

It’s important for us to remember that without the sacrifices and dedication of our past and current veterans, we would not be able to enjoy a downtown parade with our families and friends.

Last week, one of our reporters sat down with some veterans at one of the local retirement communities. There were men and women who had lost friends, family and limbs defending the freedom we often take for granted, still with the memories of their time in the military burned into their minds.

As the veterans gathered together to trade war stories, you could see the excitement and pride in their eyes as they described what it was like to serve their country.

When asked “What does Memorial Day mean to you?,” one gentleman summed up the thoughts of many in that room.

“It means I got home,” he said.

These veterans are proud to have served their country, and just having someone come see them and say “Thank you for your service” brought a smile to each and every one of their faces.

It’s not wrong to plan on having a fun time with your family at Memorial Day events, but we cannot let the reason why we celebrate this holiday fall to the back of our minds.

When you’re out at these parades, take the time to honor our brave veterans as they walk by. Give them a round of applause, go up and shake their hand or just say “Thank you.”

You may not have taken a bullet for them, but you can show them that the bullet they may have taken for you is not taken for granted.


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