September 25, 2018

The Super Bowl could have been more super


The time has finally come — the day men all over the country long for all year long. That’s right, this Sunday is Super Bowl Sunday, the one day a year when most men’s wives don’t complain because they are watching football.

This Sunday, millions of people all over the country will gather in front of their television sets to watch the New Orleans Saints get annihilated, in their first-ever Super Bowl, by the Indianapolis Peyton Mannings.

But does anyone really care? I know I don’t. This year’s Super Bowl will be the most disappointing one I have ever watched. I know this already, well before the coin toss. Before the hot dogs have warmed up at Sun Life Stadium in Miami.

No, it’s not because CBS and the NFL have put together another boring half-time show as continued punishment for the stunt that Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson pulled several years prior. Not that I have anything against The Who — I’m sure they’ll be great. Except that it will likely take them the entire halftime just to get to center stage, what with their walkers and all.

I’m disappointed this year because for the first time in my entire life, I almost had a team play in the Super Bowl that I actually cared about. That was, until the last minute of regulation when Brett Favre threw his possibly career-ending interception, sending the game into overtime, and basically giving the Saints their first Super Bowl berth in a gift-wrapped basket.

As I’ve written recently, I never cared about football. The only game I ever watched was the Super Bowl. And I did that mostly for the same reason 95 percent of the country does — the commercials.

But this past year, I spent some time covering some high school football events for the newspaper — one of which was the state semifinal game that Ogemaw Heights High School played in this past year. Somewhere during the high school season, much to the chagrin of my wife, I began to enjoy the game of football.

Then, one Sunday while at my in-laws’ house, I found myself watching an NFL game. The Vikings were playing, and while I’m not proud of this fact, I originally became interested because I liked the color of their jerseys.

I know, this is not generally a reason that most guys would pick their favorite sports team. But you have to admit, if you’re going to cheer for a team, you’re probably going to wear their merchandise. And you’re not going to want to wear a jersey if you think it looks stupid.

As I began watching the game more closely, I discovered that Brett Favre was on the team. It wasn’t hard to make this discovery, as the television announcers tend to use his name every three or four words, even if it doesn’t make sense. I think they are afraid that football fans will suddenly forget he is on the team, and change the channel, if they don’t constantly remind you that he’s one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time.

Now, I’ve never been able to be a Favre fan, because while I never was a football fan, I am loyal to my local team. And you couldn’t be a Lions fan and like anybody who played with the Green Bay Packers.

But since he’s moved on to better things, and even though I’ve made fun of him a lot over the years, I kind of like the guy.

How could you not, after the performance he put in two weeks ago? This guy’s an old man in football terms, and he took hit after hit — each time getting up and coming back for more.

I have never watched a game that closely before. I’ve never enjoyed a football game that much. My favorite team was going to make it to the Super Bowl — something Michigan fans have never been able to say unless they cheer for a team other than the Detroit Lions.

Then he threw that interception, and it all ended. My dreams died right there on that field in New Orleans, right there with the dreams of Brett Favre. My team wasn’t going to the Super Bowl. I would have no vested interest in the game, and just like every year, I was going to be watching the commercials more closely than the game.

Darn you, Brett Favre, for getting my hopes up like you did.

I’m sure it was pretty tough for him too, but I don’t feel that bad for his situation. He still gets paid millions of dollars, regardless of the outcome.

Not me.

Maybe he could send a few bucks my direction, for being such a faithful fan.


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Nice article! The Saints have been the underdog all year and keep coming back. The Colts are overconfident. I am rooting for the underdog team-the Saints-the stadium that saved a city and the team that brought the city back from the bottom to the top of the NFC! Go Saints!

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