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I would like to make some serious points about the upcoming elections. First off, we as the people of Arenac County need to realize that it is just as important to make an informed choice when voting for our local officials. I say this because when you think about it, local politicians can have a much more direct and drastic affect on our daily lives than the president of our country.

Things like anti-blight laws have their place, as does some flexibility for people who may not be as well off as others.

Please take this into consideration when you vote – especially in AuGres Township. It is my understanding that at least one new person running for office wants to make laws giving the board powers to force landowners to keep their property tidy, which sounds nice and suburban like. Make sure you ask yourself this question though. Who is going to determine what is tidy (or whatever phrase they use)? Is it one too many cars in your driveway? Or how about your lawn being half an inch too long? Next, will we be mandated to have all our homes look the same? If anyone wants to own up to this or deny it – this is as good a spot as any. If you don’t write in, I for one will assume you’re for it and afraid to respond, welcome to politics.

I like to have our neighborhood nice, just like the next person. But, I don’t intend to vote for anybody that feels people who have lived in the county (some of us many years) suddenly need a government set of guidelines to keep our places neat.

Keep this in mind – “He is the appointer of his own circumstance, and his house is his castle”. Richard Mulcaster (1581).

I have been a resident at the same address for years, and I would like to deeply thank two of our Arenac County politicians for some very useful gifts given to me over the years, like the yardstick given to me many years ago to help me measure the amount of B.S. piling up from our local politicians. Also the many fly swatters over the years which have helped to keep the flies at bay while I take the recording from the yardstick.

Tim Dewald


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