Tom Iz Right


Tom Izzo is here for good.

All of the state of Michigan can take a sigh of relief that one of the most iconic sports figures in the nation is staying home, and staying loyal to Michigan State University.

Finally, an already rich and famous person turned down more money for the love and loyalty that he has for his school and his state.

Tom Izzo leads by example by showing that hard work, love and loyalty can get you anywhere.

But as Izzo made the MSU basketball nation relax during his Tuesday press conference, he sure did teach all of us including the media, a great and valuable lesson.

With society today seemingly based on Internet social sites, texting, and twittering, Izzo and the staff of Michigan State were quick to point out how all of that technology can go too far.

As the nine-day waiting period passed by, there were endless media reports telling people that Izzo is gone, or that his players don’t have a good feeling about this, and that Lebron backs up the hiring of Izzo through “a high level source.”

While a lot of those rumors may have been true, a lot of them were not based on any facts at all and were completely false according to Izzo.

Thanks to our technology-based society, the journalism world has become the “race to be first” and that, to me, has had an almost completely negative impact.

Breaking news first is kind of like a bragging right for us in the media, and of course when we get the news spot on, it makes the news reporter look like the best.

But how far do we really need to go?

Why do there need to be TV cameras video taping Tom Izzo, while he and his son are shopping at the grocery store at 9 p.m.?

Why do we need to help spread stories that are based on nothing but what a kid asked at a basketball camp?

Why can’t the media just leave some people alone?

As a media member myself, I know and understand that we are the watchdogs who keep the pressure on where it needs to be applied.

I know that high-standing public figures sometimes do need to be followed and pressed so they stay truthful to the public, and I wear those two rules like a policeman wears a badge.

But come on! We have to draw line somewhere!

Here is the rule that I try to live my reporting life by.

If the person I am covering is trustworthy, truthful, and respectful to me and the public then that’s what I will show them back.

It all goes back to the old saying “Treat people the same way that you want to treated yourself.”

I personally don’t think we did that to the Izzo family.

Izzo did what we all would do and should do.

An opportunity arose and he studied like he should have.

We all know that we would do the same.

The bottom line is, everyone needs to show at least a spec of respect.

Tom Izzo showed us respect, but as a society we didn’t show it to him.

Because of that, I personally would have left.

Thank God he didn’t!


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