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Trash pickup survey wasn't fair

Letter to the editor



A survey regarding trash pickup in Arenac Township was sent to Arenac Township property owners with their tax statements in December 2008. One survey per/parcel. Any unreturned surveys would be counted as a YES VOTE. The results of that poll/vote were provided at the April 3 monthly Township meeting. The treasurer stated that the poll was overwhelmingly in favor of trash pick-up. There were 194 NO Votes RETURNED. The YES Votes RETURNED were not counted. The stack of votes were separated and from where I sat the No votes looked thicker than the Yes votes. I asked how many yes votes there were; Response from a board member; “All surveys that weren’t No votes were counted as Yes votes (returned or not)”. With all the returned surveys lying right there, no one would count them and give the answer to the public as to how many were even returned.

Apparently it is illegal to put the question on the general election ballet where everyone’s vote would count and those who abstain don’t count. BUT it is legal to have a survey poll/vote that counts only opposing votes. Votes that agree and abstain are all counted the same. How nice! Ladies and gentlemen, our voting rights are being attacked by a motion of the township board. There are registered voters and non-registered. One survey per parcel. There are people who own more than one parcel who have the opportunity to vote more than once (either way). There are two voters in some homes and more in others. Some people didn’t even find the survey in their envelope. It is stated that our taxes won’t go up, but a line on your tax bill will have an amount that you will pay extra. You do not have a legal vote. The township board is moving on this issue in the direction they choose and we, the public, overwhelmingly agree?!! Baaah.

Glen Rice, Arenac Township

Mike Kleekamp, Bad Axe, Arenac Township property owner


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