Tribe applying for Brownfield money to clean up Stop & Go Property

Tim Barnum
The Saginaw-Chippewa Indian Tribe hopes to receive some assistance from the EPA in cleaning up the former Stop & Go property.

STANDISH TWP. — The Saginaw-Chippewa Indian Tribe is applying for Brownfield Redevelopment funds for environmental cleanup activities and possible demolition at the Stop & Go property in Standish Township.

Representatives from the tribe held a public meeting at the Saganing Tribal Center Jan. 7 to discuss the grant application process. A copy of the public meeting notice says the grant could provide the tribe up to $200,000 for environmental cleanup if it was approved for the grant.

Frank Cloutier, public relations manager for the tribe, said the property is an old gas station, and because of that there could be hazardous materials at the site. Cloutier said the tribe has sought Brownfield monies for the property from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency in the past.

“There’s petroleum byproducts that may have been left,” he said. “There are a couple of monitoring wells that have to be dealt with. We’re just looking with some help to get that mitigated if we can. We’ve applied for this before. There were some time limitations that were a problem.”

Cloutier said the tribe had plans to renovate the property about seven years ago, but decided against it due to the economic downturn.

“There are plans that were designed back in 2007 to actually do a hotel and truck stop and retail base there, but with the economy the way it was, we took those plans and put them on the shelf for now,” he said. “There are no plans right now as to whether that will be a developmental site in the future.”

Nonetheless, Cloutier said the tribe wants to clean the property up.

“It’s in our best interest to have it cleaned up whether we want to develop it, or hold onto it for future development, or hold onto it for retail,” he said.

Cloutier said the tribe has had an environmental report done on the property, which is submitted to the EPA as part of the grant application.

Arenac County Clerk Rick Rockwell said the Stop & Go was one of two former gas stations located near I-75 Exit 188. Rockwell said it closed several years ago.

“By the middle ’90s it was closed,” he said. “At one time there were two gas stations at that exit. That one was also a 24-hour restaurant.”

Rockwell said the property had many problems with its waste system before closing.

“They always had problems with septic there,” he said. “There’s a huge septic field behind it.”

The Stop & Go property is located at 4708 South Huron Road in Standish Township.


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