UPDATE: Ed Rohn scheduled to appear before the Board on Oct. 14

UPDATED OCT. 2: Board makes motion to remove Emergency Management Coordinator

Motion tabled

ARENAC COUNTY — In late 2007, Ed Rohn, Arenac County’s Emergency Management Coordinator, was recognized at a state conference as the Local Coordinator of the Year in a community with less than 60,000 people.

Less than a year later, Rohn could be looking at losing his position altogether after a motion made on Sept. 23 by Arenac County Commissioner Jan Stressman at-tempted to remove Rohn and replace him with current Arenac County Sheriff Ronald Bouldin.

Stressman’s motion was seconded, but later tabled.

According to Rohn, the attempt to remove him was never mentioned to him prior to the meeting.

“I knew nothing about it,” he said.

“It was somewhat news to me,” said Arenac County Board of Commissioners Chairman Raymond Daniels, who pushed for the motion to be tabled. “I said ‘let me talk to him and we can get him at a meeting and you can ask him questions then.’ … I said I’d have no part of anything to with firing somebody when the person hasn’t been contacted.”

Daniels says he did contact Rohn and told him what transpired. Stressman, though, who is leading the charge against Rohn, says she has some issues with the way he has been conducting himself as the county’s Emergency Management Coordinator.

“I want him to be accountable for his time,” she said. “He is an intelligent man. But I just don’t feel he’s utilizing his time like he should. … He’s hard to get a hold of.”

“I think it’s a misunderstanding of the job requirements,” Rohn said. “The job is to coordinate all responders through training and equipment preparation.”

Stressman also gave a specific incident that she says shows Rohn is not using his time constructively.

“We have a copier/fax machine that the hospital donated to the emergency group,” she said, adding the machine was a $2,000 gift. “It’s sitting in the box. … That’s shameful.”

“I think Jan thought I should physically hook it up because it was donated to the EOC (Emergency Operations Center),” Rohn said, adding the gift hasn’t been connected yet because to EOC, which is located in the Arenac County Sheriff’s Office, needs a phone line to use the fax feature of the machine.

“He should be responsible for his hours and he should be able to tell us what he does during his hours,” Stressman added. “It is Ed’s job and he’s just not doing it.”

But Rohn may have issues accomplishing much in the Emergency Operations Center since he is contracted to work part-time, two days per week, in Arenac County.

“The sheriff has told me before it’s very difficult to do everything that has to be done in two days,” Daniels said.

And Arenac County Sheriff, Ronald Bouldin, should know, since he has acted in Rohn’s absence before.

“If Ed’s gone, it’s always defaulted back to me,” Bouldin said. “They (Board) did ask me if I had any problem fulfilling that obligation. … I can manage between here and Jan. 1.

Get the rest of the story Oct. 1 in "The Arenac County Independent."


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