U.S. Bureau of Prison Officials to tour Standish Max for second time


STANDISH — Officials from the United States Bureau of Prisons will take a second tour of the Standish Maximum Security Prison the week of Aug. 16 and meet with local officials to discuss the possibility of converting the prison to a federal facility.

“The BOP toured the prison last August and were impressed with the facility,” said Michelle Begnoche, press secretary for U.S. Congressman Bart Stupak.

When asked about the possibility of adding jobs to the area, Begnoche said it was too soon to say. She said that the prison will not be used for detainees from Guantanamo Bay, as suggested in August 2009.

“The vision is a little different this time,” Begnoche said.

Gov. Jennifer Granholm said news of the tour was encouraging.

“The upcoming visit by BOP officials is an encouraging sign for the reuse of the Standish correctional facility,” Granholm said, according to a press release issued by Stupak’s office. “Reopening the prison as a federal facility would create new jobs in Standish and provide an economic lift for the surrounding area and all of Michigan.”?

Begnoche said making the prison federal would help with the overcrowding of prisoners across the nation.

Stupak, Granholm, and Michigan Department of Corrections Director Patricia L. Caruso requested the BOP take another tour of the prison.


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