Valley Trail Riders host first race of winter, holding two in February


RHODES — Not everyone puts their dirt bike in storage over the winter – Sunday many riders brought bikes to the Valley Trail Riders’ Club grounds in Rhodes for some racing on the ice.

VTR member Ron Betzold said the group first opened its frozen track in 2000.

“We built a quarter-mile race track and we flood it in the winter,” he said.

Ice bikes, which include studded tires for traction on ice, reach speeds around 55 miles per hour during the races, Betzold said, adding this isn’t just a hobby or thrill ride for the people who spend money and time preparing their bikes for ice races. In fact, he said it is organized with standings and points, similar to more conventional styles of racing.

“These are AMA (American Motorcycle Association) sanctioned raced,” he said. “You have to belong to the AMA to ride and District 14 to be in the points standings.”

He said that the races, which will be held at the VTR club grounds on Feb. 7 and Feb. 21 as well, cover up to 27 different classes of racing, including four-wheelers.

For more information on the Valley Trail Riders’ ice races, visit


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