Volunteers sought for tree planting at Depot


STANDISH — The Arenac Heritage Route Authority is looking for people to help plant trees at the Standish Historical Depot Saturday, Nov. 2.

AHRA member Curt Hillman said the organization is planning to be at the depot from 9 a.m. to noon to plant the trees, and could use all of the help it could get.

“The more the merrier,” he said. “If we could get 30 people, 40 people there to help, that’d be fantastic.”

Hillman said the AHRA will be planting about 16 trees that were purchased with $1,000 in grant funds received from the Standish Downtown Development Authority. Altogether, the project cost $2,000, with ReLeaf Michigan, a nonprofit tree organization, covering another $1,000.

According to Hillman, the trees that will be planted will be maple, ash, crabapple and other species that are native to the area.

“We don’t want trees that you wouldn’t see,” he said. “We want trees that could’ve been there, grown there on their own.”

The trees are not simply saplings, but big enough to be noticed right away, Hillman said.

“They’re going to be some good-sized trees,” he said. “Some of them will be three or four inches in diameter.”

Hillman said the trees will add improve the depot’s exterior aesthetically, as well as practically.

“I think it will add a lot to it. It will give us some shad if nothing else,” he said.

A press release from ReLeaf Michigan announcing the partnership between the AHRA and the tree organization said it is typically 10 degrees cooler underneath a tree. The release said trees also add value to property and can help reduce noise.

“It will also contribute to the establishment of a ‘noise buffer’ to help make the depot site more enjoyable for community events,” the press release said. “Research shows planting a combination of trees and shrubs to create a ‘noise buffer’ can reduce the noise to the human ear by up to 50 percent.”

Those who are interested in volunteering Nov. 2 can contact the depot at 989-718-3021.


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