Do you believe in ghosts?

We will finally know the truth

Paranormal society to investigate the legend of the Witchy Wolf


OMER — In a matter of weeks, the rumors will finally be put to rest, or the truth will finally be known, regarding the legend of the Witchy Wolf that allegedly wanders the Omer plains.

Eerie Temperance Entertainment (ETE), Detroit, along with a paranormal team will be conducting a thorough investigation of the area on March 21 to find out if the spirits of the infamous Witchy Wolf is roaming the woods in Arenac County. The findings will be documented on video for a potential television show produced by ETE.

“We’ve heard a lot of different things about the legend of the Witchy Wolf,” said ETE Director of Promotion and Creative Consultant Joe Victor. “The most common one we’ve heard of is that there’s an Indian burial ground and anyone who gets within a certain distance of it can hear a growling.

“If we can actually find something, we will find it.”

Jon McConnell, co-executive protection and location manager with ETE, a Sterling native, says that while he is very familiar with the Omer plains, it’s a place he’s not too fond of wandering through alone.

“I go out there and I don’t even get out of my car,” he said.

The team's investigation will be documented by ETE, with several different cameras and pieces of video/audio equipment, but some equipment the team brings along may not be so familiar to the average resident of Arenac County.

Including a Frank’s Box.

“It (Frank’s box) creates white noise and white noise is the best way to connect with the dead,” Victor said.

But sometimes machines can’t do what humans can do.

“We have a few mediums (individuals who can allegedly communicate with the dead) on the team,” Victor added.

Also, Victor says the team will discover if there is not only a presence of the Witchy Wolf, but any other spirits in the vicinity of the plains.

“No matter where you go, you’re going to run into something,” he said.

However, even after the investigation is complete, the people of Arenac County will have to wait a few weeks to hear the results, as the information the team collects is analyzed thoroughly. Victor says the team may even revisit the area one more time for more complete results.

Prior to the investigation, the team visited the Omer plains on March 14 and the same day also met with Arenac County Sheriff James Mosciski, Omer mayor Alice Sproule and Omer resident Mike McLavy to learn more details about the Witchy Wolf legend and to familiarize themselves with the area.

“It should be pretty interesting,” Mosciski said, adding another point of interest for the team could be the displacement of parts on a Native American burial ground in the plains.

“We’re excited about having them up here in Omer,” said Omer Mayor Alice Sproule. “We heard about it (Witchy Wolf) when we were kids and we grew up scared of the Witchy Wolf.

“It’s legend here in Omer.”

“You can’t write witchy wolves off because you haven’t seen them because Michigan supposedly has cougars and I’ve never seen one of them,” McLavy said.

After the investigation on March 21, Colin Boyle, CEO of ETE, says the production team plans on conducting interviews with area residents regarding the paranormal on at 11 a.m. on March 22 in Sterling at the Country Diner. He says some interviews will be used as part of the final production. For more information, call 586-651-7824.

ETE also includes Adam McNich and Angelo Delvalle, a 1998 graduate of Ogemaw Heights High School.

Do you believe in ghosts? Why or why not? What have you heard about the Witchy Wolf? Share your thoughts below or at to have them appear in a later issue.


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