We’re heading into a parentless generation



I thought I’d seen it all, until this week’s news about the Standish City Police issuing seven minor-in-possession citations to 11 and 12-year-old minors came out.

The first question that I asked myself was, “What the heck is going on?”

The second was, “Where in the world are the parents?”

Maybe we really are heading into a parentless generation.

According to information obtained by Standish Police Chief Mark Christian these children were left home alone, and the worst part of the story is that they obtained the alcohol from a 43-year-old man who lives next door to the home where the minors were drinking.

Christian also said that the minor’s mother who owns the residence was gone visiting family downstate.

This entire situation is not only extremely disturbing, but it’s outright terrifying.

More than a dozen children were at this residence, and at least seven of them were consuming alcohol.

According to Christian, the 43-year-old man used money compiled by the minors to purchase the alcohol.

The ages of 11 and 12 are way to young too even think that drinking is a good idea. These kids should be out fishing, riding bikes, playing basketball, anything that kids do.

This is not a group of 17-and 18-year-old teenagers; they are kids.

Where do these children even get this idea to have a drinking party?

This current generation of children need to have a reality check, and it starts with the parents.

It’s easy for anyone to play the Monday morning quarterback and say, “Well, why didn’t the parents check to see if the mother would be home.” But, the reality is, kids lie.

All of the details on this issue are not out yet, but I hope that people who know about this situation use this as a reality check and start paying more attention.

Not all kids are bad, and we need to remember that. But this is one of the scariest incidents I have had to cover since I started working in this area.

I have to say that this is a great community. We don’t need to have black eyes like this, because this is a community of good hard-working people. But this incident is just terrible.

Parents, please take the time to know what your children are doing. The life we have been given is so precious and so short; incidents like this are so risky and just not worth it. These kids have no idea that the actions they take now will affect them for their lives.

If any children read this, please just think before you act. I know that doing things now sounds fun, but you have to be smart. This time you have is so precious you should cherish it. This applies to every kid, from 10 to 17. Your friends are not looking out what is best for you, that’s your job, and your parents’ job.

Find a hobby. Ask you dad to teach you how to fish, or challenge him to a game of basketball. Just be a kid, because you will be all grown up before you know it.


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I have to totally agree on this ...THE PARENTS NEED A SPANKING!!!!!!!!

Monday, January 3, 2011 | Report this

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