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As a resident of the 23rd Circuit, it is really a shock when elected politicians seem to think they are anointed by God to keep the position they were elected to. I’m talking, of course, about the court battle waged by Judge Bergeron and, to a lesser extent, Judge Myles, to keep Chris Martin off the November ballot.

Judge Bergeron has come across in the local weekly papers as an arrogant, self-centered, poor sport who obviously would go to any means to prevent democracy and competition in an election to keep his seat. His quip that he “won’t do much more campaigning” (and obviously not having to spend money for it) is an insult to those who wanted to vote on this and seems to be the underlying motivation in this long, drawn out battle. To his credit, at least Judge Myles stopped appealing when the Ingham County Circuit Court ruled Mr. Martin could be on the ballot.

I would urge all registered voters to do what I intend on doing-don’t vote for either of these incumbent Judges and write in Chris Martin on election day. While at least one of these incumbent judges will retain their seat, it is hoped that we can send a strong message to both of these individuals in November, that the voters of the 23rd Circuit, rather than the Michigan Supreme Court, are the ones who should decide who should be our judges here.

Jay Williams

Tawas City


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