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I am writing this to inform you that while your readers are enjoying the privilege of sending their children off to school and watching their smiling faces return home, there are some of us that have been robbed of this pleasure by certain public officials. Although I could name them on an individual basis, I choose not to as this article is meant to open the publics eyes rather than slander these people.

The deed I am referring to is the fact that every case they are involved in is based on a “case by case” basis. Which in my experience means that while one parent can get away with dragging their child across the lawn smacking them in the head, another is chastised for merely smacking their child across the mouth. And while another family is warned about neglect charges for not keeping their house clean to their standards, another is told it’s at their discretion when to seek medical attention for their child after a major injury. Or while one is threatened with neglect for not knowing exactly where their child is after asking to walk down a trail, it’s okay for another not to pay attention while their child gets their arm broken.

Why is it that there isn’t consistency in their findings? And what measuring stick are they comparing to?

These questions I ask myself everyday, I don’t see my children returning home like so many other parents. But instead of answers I only come up with more questions. Such as are these public officials actually acting in the best interest of the child? Or is this merely a way for them to play judge in deciding who has custody in their own interest?

But the only answer I ever get is the fact that these are bad parenting issues, which no one will intervene with, according to who? And if these are parenting issues, then why isn’t there anyone willing to handle these issues?

And I leave you with the thought that while these questions are being answered, there are parents and children suffering.

Tony Westley



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