Wolvereagles? Arenac Eastern and AuGres-Sims examining sports consolidation


ARENAC COUNTY — In the near future, the Eagles and Wolverines may not battle on the gridiron for a helmet, but wear the same one.

According to Arenac Eastern Interim Superintendent Patrick Bootz, he and AuGres-Sims School District Superintendent Anne Doriean are examining the benefits of cooperative sports.

“I met on Oct. 8 with Anne Doriean. … She informed me that her board passed a resolution looking at the feasibility of combining sports for the districts. We agreed to meet again on Nov. 11,” Bootz said. “We’re not planning it. … We’re not thinking about it yet, we’re just examining it.”

During the Nov. 11 meeting, Bootz said board of education presidents from both districts, along with Michigan High School Athletics Association Associate Director Gina Mazzolini, would sit in and weigh in on the discussion.

“From there we can decide if this process is something we want to pursue,” Doriean said. “There are some very strict deadlines that you have to adhere to.”

She added that once all the deadlines and MHSAA parameters are understood, then dollar amounts could start to be discussed.

Sharing services and inter-district cooperation, Doriean said, is something schools are being encouraged to pursue throughout the state.

“The idea of cooperative sharing of expenses is really something school districts have to look at,” she said.

Bootz said cost of athletics per district and the number of participants in athletics would be thoroughly examined before moving towards a decision on whether or not to offer cooperative sports.

“We would certainly try to retain the best of both communities,” Doriean added. She also said that if the two districts further pursue consolidation of athletics, programs wouldn’t be combined until the 2010-11 school year.


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