Charlotte the pig finds home


STANDISH —After a 15-month-old potbellied pig went missing in early July, it was a relief when she was found by the Arenac County Animal Control and reunited with owner Chantel Hanes and her family Monday, July 16.

Animal Control Officer/Director Catherine Lemunyon said the pig, named Charlotte, had been seen off and on for about a week, so the shelter set up a live trap near Grove and Stewart roads in Sterling. She was caught the evening of Friday, July 13.

Lemunyon said the pig was put in an empty dog kennel room and given food, and her behavior was both shy and nervous.

“That’s to be expected if she has been out on her own for a while and coming into an environment with people and noise,” she said.

Lemunyon said the trap set by the shelter had been set out in the middle of the week.

“We were making daily trips and checking,” she said.

As for Charlotte’s family, Hanes said they are happy to have her home.

She said Charlotte went missing after getting out of her pen the second day after she was brought home and stayed nearby, until the family’s dog ran after her about a week later.

“She made it about 2 miles away from our home,” Hanes said. “We looked for her for days with no success. We also let friends and family know to keep an eye and ear out for her.”

Hanes said she was at work when someone tagged her in a Facebook post by the Arenac Animal Control about a found pig. She said she saw the post around 1 p.m. and almost cried.

“I was overjoyed with excitement and so thankful to know she was OK,” she said.

She had her boyfriend Mitch Porter go get the pig around 2 p.m. Monday.

Hanes said she felt blessed to know nothing horrible happened to Charlotte while on her own.

“She is very fast,” she said. “Little pigs are not easy to catch by any means.”

Hanes said she, her boyfriend and the five kids between the two of them have another pig named Flash who is 4 weeks old and a 4-year-old dog named Gunner. The two pigs get along very well, she said.

Hanes said the kids were upset when Charlotte went missing and helped look for her.

Hanes said now that she’s home, they have plans so she doesn’t get lost again.

“We have fixed up a new pen for her that she’s not getting out of,” she said. “Plus, she always has her harness on now.”


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