December 18, 2018

Fire department to host Christmas party in Twining


TWINING — Games, drawings and a visit from Santa will be included in the Twining-Mason-Turner Fire Department’s Christmas party at its fire hall in Twining Saturday, Dec. 2.

Event organizer Kelly Grauherr said this is the first time the fire department will host a Christmas party in more than 20 years. Grauherr, who also organized the fire department’s Halloween party with co-coordinator Tammy Guest, said the plan is to continue to offer children’s activities in light of the Arenac Eastern school closing.

“Tammy and I have been wanting to do things for the kids, because the kids have nothing with the school closing,” she said. “This isn’t the last thing we’ll do. We want to do things for Easter and a summer picnic or something. We want to keep things going. We’re going to have meetings at the fire hall, and it’s not just for firefighters and their families, it’s for everyone.”

Saturday’s party is scheduled to run from 2-4 p.m., Grauherr said.

“Santa will be there and he’ll be handing candy canes out,” she said. “We have little bags of candy too. We’re going to do a 50-50. We’ll have gifts we’re handing out for drawings.”

Grauherr said many people in the Twining and Turner areas have offered to help and have had positive things to say about the fire department’s community outreach efforts of late. For example, Grauherr said Turner Township Supervisor and Clerk Jeremy and Denise Gates donated the candy canes for Santa to hand out.

“Some people are starting to come around, because of what they saw at Halloween,” she said. “We’ve been getting a lot of good feedback.”

“Eventually maybe we can do a kids night at the fire department and have games or something,” Grauherr said. “Right now we’re trying to get things built up and get some funds together.”

A large jar will be set out for donations during the event Saturday, and Grauherr said she and Guest are working on bake sales and other ways to help raise funds for community events.

“In the spring we’re going to do a bazaar and rent out the tables to anybody who wants to be a vendor,” she said.

Cookies, punch and coffee will be served during the party. Large stockings full of toys will be raffled off at 4 p.m., Grauherr said.

The Twining-Mason-Turner fire hall is located at 311 W. Main St. in Twining.


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