Missing 2-year-old found safe after search lasting more than three hours


FOREST LAKE — Lindsay Aulbert couldn’t describe how relieved she was after a search including close to 65 people and lasting roughly 3 1/2 hours resulted in her 2-year-old daughter Autumn being found safe and secure July 28.

Autumn reportedly went missing from a home on White Tail Drive in Forest Lake, which is located in Moffatt Township. Arenac County Sheriff’s Deputy Chris Ochab said the missing person report was made at 9:35 a.m. Friday. According to Ochab, Autumn went chasing after a dog named Brooke that also went missing. Brooke was found near Autumn’s side.

Engaged couple Michele David and Mark Kuschyk were the members of the search party who first spotted Autumn while looking in the woods on a four-wheeler. Autumn was in a wooded area of state-owned land about one mile away from the home where she was last seen.

“There’s a deer blind back there and (missing children) a lot of times will go to a deer blind,” David said. “I got off and said, ‘Stop. Let’s look here.’ I heard her cry and she was over across the creek onto the hill on the other side, and I happened to see the dog, and then I heard her again. We just kept yelling and told her to stay. Then she just wanted grandpa and ‘Make sure she had the dog.’”

“We could hear her crying off in the distance and then (David) ran off in the distance to see her, and I took the four-wheeler around to get closer so we wouldn’t have to walk as far,” Kuschyk said.

“If we hadn’t stopped to look in the deer blind we wouldn’t have heard her,” he said.

Aulbert said she was at work in Standish when she got the news that Autumn was missing.

“I booked it home and I immediately starting searching for her,” she said. “After that I just kind of waited, because I didn’t really know what else to do.”

Aulbert said she is thankful for the many people who joined in the search.

“This wouldn’t have happened if this was probably back where we used to live by Saginaw,” she said. “So this is really nice. It’s a nice relief knowing that there’s a community here. We just moved here in October so it’s not something I really expected.”

The sheriff’s department; Saginaw Chippewa Tribal Police; firefighters from the Moffatt Township, Standish Area, Sterling Area and Twining-Mason-Turner fire departments; Forest Lake Security; Arenac County MMR and many Forest Lake area residents assisted in the search.


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