Organizers deserve kudos for Kash’s egg hunt


Too often, too many people take too much for granted.

The picture-perfect smile on a child’s face after scooping up a bucketful of Easter eggs caught forever on a phone or camera is just one of these small things. However, these memories eluded parents in the area with physically or mentally disabled children for years.

Not anymore thanks to the organizers of Kash’s Special Easter Egg Hunt, which was held for the first time March 25 at Standish-

Sterling Central Elementary. It was obvious parents were thrilled with the event, which was so much more than an egg hunt thanks to volunteers who made balloon animals, painted faces and brought in animals children could pet.

Some had tried to give their children the opportunity to participate in an egg hunt in the past, only to watch children without impairments zip to the eggs, scooping them all up before the disabled child had a chance to get any, or have any real chance at participation. No doubt both parent and child left those egg hunts feeling dejected.

That wasn’t the case Sunday, though. Smiles were plastered across the faces of both children and parents alike as they were able to move at their own pace. Those in wheelchairs were given poles with magnets attached that made it easy to pick up the eggs, in which there were metal washers. In some cases, parents still had to help, but they were also able to take a step back and watch their child enjoying him or herself — finally capturing that picture-perfect smile that had eluded them for years.

Judging by the hometowns of participants — one family traveled about 70 miles to come from Mayville and several were from Bay City — it isn’t just Arenac County families with disabled children who had been waiting for an event like this.

Because of this, we wanted to congratulate and thank the organizers of Kash’s Special Easter Egg Hunt, starting with Kash’s parents, Katrina and Chris Kandal. They were able to make their own Easter memories with their son, and in doing so, provided a chance for so many others to make memories as well. So many others helped as well, including grandparents, the folks at the Bay-Arenac Living and Learning Center and student volunteers.

All who chipped in and made this Easter a little more special for children and families deserve the community’s appreciation and gratitude. It’s hard not to feel like there is a general lack of empathy in society today, even if it’s unintentional. Kash’s egg hunt has made us all a little more aware of some of the small things we take for granted, and is a step toward making sure all children are included in the Easter celebration.

We hope it continues to do so for many years to come.


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