Rates for Standish Twp.-Saginaw Chippewa water deal released


STANDISH TWP. — As part of the newly formed deal between Standish Township and the Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe, the township will pay the tribe $10.81 per every 1,000 gallons of water and $11.05 per every 1,000 gallons of wastewater treated for the first 600,000 gallons of each month.

Both rates increase by a dollar for every additional 100,000 gallons after 600,000 but stay at $13.81 and $14.05 within the range of 800,000-1,090,000 gallons.

While the deal includes rates for more than 600,000 gallons Township Supervisor Bob North said the township does not anticipate exceeding 600,000 at this point. The incremental rate is designed for the possibility of expansion.

“We’re negotiating for expansion,” North said. “We are being proactive on any expansion that might come to the White’s Beach area.”

North said the tribe took into consideration the overhead costs, labor and the price it pays per gallon of water when establishing the rates for the deal.

At this point, North said he was unable to say when residents of White’s Beach would see these changes, but he has already received feedback from the community.

“The level of enthusiasm is off the charts,” North said. “People are just so pleased with the fact that we came to a conclusion with the tribe. The people that I talked to were just elated that they can move forward, get clean water and not have sewer issues.”

North said the lack of water and sewage at White’s Beach had been an issue since the ’80s and that residents of the area had been burdened with

purchasing water.

A representative from the tribe was unable to be reached for comment regarding the deal’s rates, but interim Public Relations Director Erik Rodriguez said the conditions of the deal were fair and equitable to both parties and he looks forward to seeing the results in the White’s Beach area.


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