December 18, 2018

Stars to make a splash for local swim club


STANDISH — Local “stars” will compete against members of the Sunrise Side Swim Club Dec. 1 at Standish-Sterling Central High School pool during the third annual Swimming With the Stars fundraiser.

Event coordinator Cathy Switala said the fundraiser helps maintain the pool and provide equipment for swimmers in the club and community.

“We use the money to buy supplies for the pool, like the fins you would find at open swim, and the equipment kids use for their practices,” she said.

New starting blocks have also been purchased and installed, and minor repairs have been completed thanks to fundraisers for the swim club such as Swimming With the Stars, Switala said. During the fundraiser, several of the 94 swim club members will race against stars, who often ham it up for the crowd, Switala said.

“It’s entertaining,” she said. “The stars get goofy and make jokes and do things to make it a fun night.”

Stars for the night include teachers, coaches and more, Switala said.

“Usually what we do is put the star in the middle and then the kids on the side,” she said. “One star will swim against five kids.”

Spectators will have a chance to win at the event during raffles and the bobber toss competition.

“We do a bobber toss where you can toss a bobber into the pool,” Switala said. “We put an inner tube in the pool and if your bobber is closest to the tube, you get half of the money from the sales.”

Last year’s Swimming With the Stars raised approximately $1,200. The event begins at 6:30 p.m. Admission is $5 for adults and $3 for children.


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