Welcome back, Carter!

Student returns to school after battle with cancer


STANDISH — Standish-Sterling Central Elementary students, staff and faculty welcomed back fellow Panther Carter Schwab, who had been out of school for almost a year while battling cancer.

Carter, who is now in remission, returned to school Thursday, Feb. 14, but little did he know, Principal Gary Roper had made signs and banners reading “welcome back, Carter,” which were arranged throughout the building.

When Carter made his way down the hall and to his classroom, his fellow students and classmates were already standing outside their rooms and greeted Carter with a round of applause, welcoming their friend back to school.

Roper said Carter was greatly missed during his time away, by Roper himself, teachers and several students who all are excited to have him back.

“We thought we would try to do something a little more special to celebrate his successes and to let him know he’s our hero, let him know that we’re proud of him and let him know that we’re excited to have him back,” Roper said.


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