what we're reading today: Belle Isle, filibusters, and dung beetles


Here's a few of the stories we're reading today:

- The Detroit Free Press reports the Detroit City Council has a vote coming up to lease Belle Isle and it's park to the state to manage and upkeep for 30 years. Tempers are heated, as this would also change the park from being free to enter to one that would require the $11 state park annual entrance fee.

- According to NPR, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has reached an agreement with his Republican counterparts on filibuster reform to try and ease the gridlock and stalling tactics that have permeated the body for the past few years. The agreement does not go as far as requiring senators to physically stand up and filibuster as they did decades ago.

- The BBC also has an article up regarding dung beetles, and how they appear to use the light of the Milky Way as a navigation tool on clear nights. This allows them to avoid rolling their dung ball back where they found it.


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